Packmaker is a command line tool used to build Modded Minecraft modpacks on Linux systems. It can take a yaml-based description of a pack and generate a package suitable for use in the following formats:

  • Curseforge - A curseforge package suitable for uploading directly to the webiste, or importing into a curseforge compatible minecraft launcher like MultiMC or the Twitch Client.
  • Routhio - A package format used by the community and the minecraft launcher.
  • Local client - A local minecraft client installation, suitable for standalone games. Packmaker can even launch your modded minecraft installation in offline mode itself. Great for testing your modpack during development.
  • Server - A minecraft server installation, suitable for use by clients to connect with and play together.

If you’re new to packmaker, begin with the Getting Started guide. That guide walks you through installing packmaker, setting it up how you like it, and starting to build your first modpack.

Then you can get a more detailed look at packmaker’s features in the Command-Line Interface and Configuration references.

If you still need help, you can drop by the #packmaker channel on our Discord server, or file a bug in the issue tracker. Please let us know where you think this documentation can be improved.

And if you’re really ambitous, checkout the code and help us improve packmaker for you and everyone.